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Escape to Victory is the greatest football film ever made.
Directed by John Huston in 1981 it is set in a Prisoner of War camp during the second world war. Michael Caine stars as Captain John Colby, who leads Sylvester Stallone and an all star cast of footballers including Pele, Bobby Moore, Osvaldo Ardiles,and Mike Summerbee, who agree to play a football match against some local german troops, but after the Nazi propaganda machine takes over they end up in occupied Paris playing the German National team.
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Welcome to the Sounds page. Links back to main site appear to work again, help yourself to the sounds, if you have any requests just email me.


Pele Harmonica
  MP3 Pele on the Harmonica 1.16mb
Second Half   MP3 128 High Quality second half background music up to disallowed goal. 4.57mb
Second Half   MP3 32 Lower Quality second half music 1.14mb
Crowd French Anthem   MP3 The French Crowd sing,
well whatever floats your boat I suppose, 957kb
Pele Goal   MP3 of the pele goal background music. 1.13mb
Escape to Victory opening theme  

MP3 128 High Quality 2.28mb


Escape to Victory opening theme  

MP3 32 Lower Quality 586kb


Victory Ending Credits.MP3   An MP3 of the end Credits, High Quality 3.8mb
Escape to Victory theme wav   Theme from middle of film 280kb

Music just as the match is about to kick off. 73kb


Escape to Victory final theme wav  

Music over the credits 344kb


Pelegoallong.wav   "Background music to THE goal" 125kb

"Background to Pele goal short" 64kb


First Goal   The background music from the Allies first goal 123kb
Pele Game means a lot   Fernandez: "Hatch, please hatch, that game means a lot to us, you know that. You must go back"29kb

"Fernandez: I want to play,
Colby: You cant play like that
Fernandez: I feel good I feel better, I must play" 64kb


Pele Lose more than a game   Colby: "We Can Win, Come on."
Fernandez: "Hatch, if we run now we lose more than a game, please Hatch." 33kb

"Colby: Here's to Victory" 84kb


Terry Scored a Goal   Colby: "Terry Scored a Goal!"56kb

"Von Steiner: They're very enthusiastic.
Colby: No bloody good, but very enthusiastic.
V:You play matches?
C:Oh yes we have a league, 4 divisions, we even play internationals
C:England Scotland Ireland Wales
V: Ah you call that International, It would be International if you played against Germany!
C: We'd Murder You!" 55kb


Half Time Slaughtered  

Doug: "I dont want to go, lets go back, we can win this"
Colby: "Who said that?"
Doug: "I did"
Sid: "It's not as though we're being slaughtered skipper"
" .........."75kb

Half Time Youve got to come back   Colby: "You've gotta come back.. If you don't come back, we can't go..(Hatch goees to leave) Hatch, If you go we've all got to go with you. We can't go back without a goalie"38kb

Colby: "Crazy Yank" 27kb



The legendry acting talents of Mike Summerbee!
"Colby: Whats your name
Sid: Sid Harmor
Colby: How'd you like double rations for a month sid?
Sid: Whose mother would you like me to strangle?
Colby: Welcome aboard" 23kb



Mr Bobby Moore wanting a chaperone if he is to live with the officers! 34kb



Colby:"If you can get up here, dont try and run through dont try and be a hero and get a goal yourself, lets center I want up there, and I want you to pass pass, always pass........
Fernandez: Colby when I get the ball here, I do dis dis dis dis dis goal, easy! " 129kb



"This Fricking game is ruining my life" 29kb


corner kick1  

Hatch: Er colby I dont know how to play this game so where do I stand for a corner kick?
Colby: Go to Sleep Hatch! 47kb


corner kick2   Hatch: Colby, where do I stand for a corner kick
Colby: The far post, facing the ball
Hatch: Thanks, for a while I thought you were keeping it a secret. 46kb

"Colby:There in all different sizes so make sure everything fits
Hatch: Everything fits, and I want you all to know that if your having trouble with say appendacitus or heart attcks thats ok, no problem I can handle that, but I dont want any blisters, no blisters allowed" 48kb


Clean Break  

Tony Lewis: "Try and make it a clean break will ya?" 26kb



Commentator:"Well I tell you years from now, man will say of this game, did it happen? well I tell you in the listening audience today, it is happening.We're all witness's to an occasion long to be remembered, not as propaganda as some would say, but as a magnificent sporting spectacle" 52kb



just a small wav of the opening two bars which can loop, may use it on the site at some time but if you want it... 24kb



Von Steiner "If Nations could settle their differences on the football pitch, wouldn't that be a challenge?" 15kb



Von Steiner: "Colby, John Colby, yes, West ham United and England. It is a shame the war has ended your career
C: Interupted
V: Lets hope so." 57kb



"Victoire!" 24kb



Dedicated to the Greatest Football War film ever made

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